What is Alberta Can't Wait?

As the dust settled after the 2015 Alberta election, and as the NDP government began down a series of destructive policy paths, a number of groups in Alberta emerged to work towards creating a "united alternative" to the NDP. 

Alberta Can’t Wait is comprised of people who are concerned about the economic and political future of our province.  ACW wants to develop strategies and tactics to help forge a small ‘c’ conservative path forward for Alberta.  We want to unify and motivate conservative Albertans under one political voice. 

After 16 months of grassroots advocacy, Alberta Can't Wait was successful in its mission to unite the PC and Wildrose parties, and the new United Conservative Party was created.  With its creation. our focus will shift to keeping pressure on the NDP and holding the leadership of the new party to account.

What are the principles driving ACW? 

The election of the New Democrat government in May 2015 signified a pivot away from what we believe are the fundamentals for building a prosperous province.  Many Albertans are deeply concerned about widespread borrowing, out of control spending, and ever-increasing taxation.  Investor confidence has been eroded by sudden changes in fiscal regimes (or threats thereof), increasing government debt, and wasteful spending.

While the Wildrose party was a necessary vehicle for renewal of the conservative movement in Alberta, and while the PCs created one of the lowest-tax and most prosperous jurisdiction in North America, neither party gained the trust of a majority of Albertans.  We feel, however, there are many shared values between activists and grassroots members of both parties. 

The combined vote of the PCs and the Wildrose in Election 2015 falls hundreds of thousands short of the ballots cast by Albertans for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives that same year.

With the creation of the United Conservative Party, Alberta Can't Wait hopes to help ensure that each of those federal Conservative voters shows up on election day to return a competent, united, conservative government to power.