Who we are

September 1 1905 the province of Alberta was formed out of the Northwest Territories.  June 7 1917 was the last time Alberta ever elected a Liberal government.  And on April 30 2016 400 everyday Albertans gathered in Red Deer and overwhelmingly expressed their desire to see a significant political re-alignment in the province.  They wanted a united competent principled alternative to the NDP government to fight and win the next election.  The Wildrose and PC party’s leadership pushed back, but the movement only grew from that meeting, eventually culminating in the summer of 2017, when PC and Wildrose members overwhelmingly endorsed the merging of their two parties.  Throughout the process, Alberta Can’t Wait gave voice to the everyday Albertans who couldn’t see why while they were losing their jobs and the NDP was making life harder, so many were putting up roadblocks to a conservative renewal.

Upon his election as United Conservative Party leader, Jason Kenney expressed his thanks to Alberta Can’t Wait for being an early proponent of conservative unity in the province and echoed the feelings of many Albertans stating that the province was “one step closer to renewing the Alberta advantage.”

Today, having seen through our mission of a credible conservative alternative, Alberta Can’t Wait is focused on ensuring a UCP government forms government in 2019.  We continue to ensure everyday grassroots members are heard by the party leadership, and that the NDP is held to account for its disastrous policies.  

Our goal is to ensure that Albertans’ interests, not special interests, are at the heart of how our political leaders govern this great province.