We're proud to be conservatives.

We're proud to support prosperity and opportunity for ALL Albertans, and to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

We believe that government too often gets in the way of everyday Albertans who want to start businesses and raise their families.

The NDP would have you believe that conservatives are only about cuts, closures, and leaving vulnerable folks out in the cold.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
As conservatives - here's what we believe.

We believe in balanced budgets, lower taxes, and sensible government spending. We know that taking on too much debt hurts future generations and limits their success. We think that governments should leave more of your money in your pockets, not waste it on big, bloated government programs.

If you also believe in fiscal responsibility, then please consider giving $105, $55, or $35 to Alberta Can't Wait so we can keep advocating for it here in Alberta.

We believe in helping vulnerable Albertans, and having good social programs that achieve the very best outcomes while getting good value for our tax dollars. We know that government monopolies rarely (if ever) improve outcomes, so we support choice in education and healthcare that maximize the options available to Alberta families. We also know that government isn't always the best when it comes to delivering services, and that not-for-profits, charities, churches, and businesses are the backbone of our province.

If you also believe in a robust civil society and meaningful help for vulnerable Albertans, the please considering giving $105, $55, or $35 to Alberta Can't Wait so we can keep pushing this issue forward here in Alberta.

We believe that Alberta's energy sector is the economic engine of Canada. We know that Canadian oil and gas is produced more cleanly, more ethically, and more responsibly than anywhere else on the planet. We believe that our energy sector needs governments who won't block their projects or strangle them in excessive red tape.

If you also believe in standing up for Alberta's energy sector, then please considering giving $105, $55, or $35 to Alberta Can't Wait so can keep raising awareness about it here in Alberta.

We believe in protecting the freedoms of everyday Albertans. We're against the bullying culture of political correctness that shuts down debate and fosters intolerance on university campuses. We know that eroding our freedoms undermines our democracy and the institutions that protect it.

If you also believe in protecting our freedoms and preserving our liberty, then please considering giving $105, $55, or $35 to Alberta Can't Wait so we can keep fighting for this issue here in Alberta.

We believe in honest, ethical, accountable, and transparent government. We know that government behind closed doors leads to corruption and mismanagement. We believe that politicians need to remain accountable to those who sent them to office, and that voters need to be consulted about the decisions governments are making in their names.

If you also believe that it's time to put the "service" back in "public service", the please considering giving $105, $55, or $35 to Alberta Can't Wait so that we can keep standing up for this issue here in Alberta.

We know that while the NDP puts their faith in government, we put our faith in the people - the common sense of everyday Albertans who work hard, pay their taxes, and contribute to their communities.

With your help, we'll keep fighting for what we all believe, and that in 2019, we'll be part of the crew who puts Alberta under new conservative management!


Alberta Can't Wait

PS. Unlike the NDP who are supported by big public sector unions, Alberta Can't Wait relies on support from everyday voters just like you. Please considering making a $105, $55, or $35 donation right now and help us bring back the Alberta Advantage in 2019!