If you've been following the social media accounts of any NDP politicians, you'll see the same message repeated over and over again: Alberta's economy is recovering - thanks to NDP leadership - and that we need to re-elect the NDP to keep the recovery going.
This begs the question - what economic recovery?

Statistics Canada has released the latest employment figures and the news isn't good for Alberta.
The unemployment rate in Alberta, already well above the national average, shows that the unemployment rate has actually gone up since last month.
Even more worryingly, the number of full-time jobs is down, while the number of part-time jobs is up.
This means that more Albertans are now out of work, and those with jobs are only able to find part-time ones.
Calgary's unemployment rate also increased from last month as the city continues to struggle.
In the eyes of Premier Notley and the NDP, these things are apparently something to be celebrated.
A quick recap of the NDP's record on supporting private sector job creation:
1. They've hiked taxes on businesses and families by introducing a multi-billion dollar carbon tax - the largest tax increase in Alberta's history - which didn't get mentioned once in the NDP's 2015 election campaign platform.
2. They've imposed a huge minimum wage hike that has led to higher youth unemployment and forced struggling small businesses to either cut staff or close their doors permanently.
3. They've forced businesses to pay workers extra pay on statutory holidays even if the business isn't open! Many businesses close for statutory holidays to give workers time off to spend with their families and to keep costs down. Now, even if they're closed, businesses are required to pay workers on statutory holidays - a direct hit to their bottom lines. For some small businesses, this has added tens of thousands of dollars in new costs.
4. They've refused to refund employers for their excess contributions to the Worker's Compensation Board. In the past, when WCB payments from employers exceeded the costs of the program, employers were refunded the over-payments. Now, the NDP has decided to hold on to these over-payments and use the money to fund new programs.
5. They've layered on new red tape and regulations which make doing business in Alberta harder and more costly. This has driven away investment and made the cost of doing business in our province significantly more expensive. How can we attract new investment and new business when the NDP are hanging a "closed for business" sign across Alberta's front door?
This NDP government would have you believe that they're responsible for Alberta's economic recovery.
The truth is, Alberta is still stuck with high unemployment, a lack of investment, and anti-business policies which are driving many businesses out of work.
And for this the NDP think they should be rewarded with another term in office.
Instead of closing the doors on Alberta businesses, it's time to close the doors on this anti-business NDP government.
In 2019, let's make sure that we're handing the NDP their pink slips!

Alberta Can't Wait