They Don't Understand how Budgets Work

In the midst of the global economic recession of 2008, the minority government of Stephen Harper's Conservatives put forward a budget with a significant deficit.  The Harper government's worst budget had $56B in deficit spending, partly because of economic stimulus that many conservatives opposed.

It took a few years, but the Harper government returned the budget to surplus all the while reducing the federal tax burden to its lowest levels in decades.  There are legitimate critiques to be made of their record, but the overall handling of the economy was by most accounts quite strong.

We're seeing a similar story playing out in Saskatchewan right now.  With low oil and gas prices, that province's government is feeling the economic crunch.  Their new budget increases consumption taxes, but they're reducing income taxes, reducing corporate taxes, and there's a plan to be back to balance in 2019-2020.

For some reason, Premier Notley decided that attacking Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan government might boost her own credibility.  She even mocked them for raising taxes.  

As the Edmonton Sun pointed out, "In Alberta, this year alone, the NDP's carbon tax will suck nearly $3 billion out of Albertan's pockets. And that doesn't include Notley's higher personal and business income taxes."

No matter how they try to spin the numbers or attack others, the NDP's fiscal management is nothing short of dismal.  The NDP just don’t understand how budgets work. 

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The Alberta Can't Wait Team