The Right Stuff

Rona Ambrose says the future of Alberta depends on provincial conservatives uniting into a single party.

In a speech Thursday night to the Alberta Can't Wait pro-unity group, the interim federal Conservative leader reiterated that she wants members of the Progressive Conservatives and Wildrose to bridge the current divide and join together.

Ambrose said emulating the process that saw the federal Conservative party come together from the federal PCs and the Canadian Alliance is a necessity on the provincial level to defeat Premier Rachel Notley's government, which she castigated for raising taxes and not controlling spending.

"It's time to give Albertans a chance to choose something better than the NDP," said the Sturgeon River-Parkland MP.

"And that's a principled alternative, led by courageous, compassionate Albertans, that will lift up our most vulnerable and set free our most ambitious. Those are the Albertans that will set this province right again and make sure its best years are yet to come. So it's not us versus them, it's time for us to come together. It's time for us to unite."