The NDP's Executive Orders

While executive orders south of the border have been grabbing all the headlines, closer to home the NDP is making bizarre decisions of its own.

Last week they repealed two sections of the act that governs AIMCo, the Crown corporation tasked with managing Alberta's Heritage Fund.

They've decided that having no experience investing shouldn't preclude someone from being in charge of billions of Albertans' dollars.

Rachel Notley's unqualified Finance Minister thinks he should be able to appoint whomever he wants.

You wouldn't let a social worker remove your appendix. Why should Albertans let unqualified, unvetted NDP appointees manage our money?

The NDP is already sending Alberta's economy into a death spiral. Mismanagement of AIMco could keep our province at rock bottom for decades to come.

In the fall we told you about the conditions the NDP were placing on Heritage Fund investment, mandating that a certain amount of the fund be invested in Alberta.

We need your help to prevent the NDP from doing any more damage.

Chip in $25.00 today to help us give the boot to the NDP.  Let's get their hands off our money!