Tell the NDP: Stop the Lies!

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Scared of losing the next election, Rachel Notley and the NDP have released an attack ad and an entire attack web site against United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney.

There's just one problem - nothing they say in either of them is true.

They say the United Conservative Party wants to cut education spending - false.

Jason Kenney has said that unlike the NDP, he fully supports maintaining choice in education for Alberta parents. He wants to see education reformed so that students are once again taught the fundamentals of reading, math, and science, instead of the NDP's goal of turning students into "agents of change" and forcing teachers to refer to students as "comrades."

They say the United Conservative Party wants to privatize healthcare - false.

Jason Kenney believes that maintaining a public healthcare system is vital to ensuring the health and well-being of Albertans. However, the NDP's refusal to explore new healthcare options, even going so far as to de-privatize laundry services, shows that the NDP are more concerned with shoring up union memberships than they are providing quality healthcare to Albertans.

They say the United Conservative Party wants a "tax giveaway for the rich" - false.

Jason Kenney has committed to eliminating the NDP's ineffective, job-killing carbon tax - the largest tax increase in Alberta history that the NDP didn't mention once in their election campaign platform. He's also committed to restoring Alberta's flat-tax which helped make Alberta the best province in Canada in which to start or grow a business. Unlike the NDP, Jason Kenney wants to kickstart Alberta's economy and bring back the Alberta Advantage.

They say the United Conservative Party wants to eliminate 3,600 teachers - false.

Jason Kenney has said he wants to protect front-line services like doctors, nurses, and teachers while thinning out the ranks of Alberta's bloated government bureaucracy. Albertans invest more per capita in education and healthcare than nearly any other province, but don't receive excellent services in return. Meanwhile, the NDP have led Alberta into six credit downgrades and are on-track to bury Albertans in nearly $100 billion in debt by 2022.

They say the United Conservative Party wants to limit a woman's right to choose - false.

Jason Kenney has said that as Premier he will not bring forward legislation on abortion - the same pledge that was made by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he was in office. This same-old scare tactic from the NDP is nothing more than fear-mongering from a desperate, deeply unpopular, soon-to-be defeated party.

The NDP needs to stop spreading falsehoods and mistruths about the United Conservative Party. Instead, they should be apologizing to Albertans for the damage they've done to our economy, to our province, and to our hard-working families.

Tell the NDP it's time to grow up and stop the lies!

We've launched a petition calling on the NDP to end their fear and smear campaign against the United Conservative Party and Jason Kenney - sign our petition here.



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