Support for Unity at Record Highs

Three Albertans walk into a hockey rink - two of them support Alberta Can't Wait's message.

According to a poll conducted by the Citizen Society Research Lab at Lethbridge College, a full 66% of voters are on board with reuniting the PC and Wildrose parties.

Among PC supporters that number jumps up to 79% and among supporters of Wildrose it's 82%

There's simply no doubt we're on the right track and that Albertans have responded to the message, however we cannot rest on our laurels and declare victory just yet.  Alberta Can't Wait must continue recruiting friends of the movement to give a real voice to those who support our goals. 

Make no mistake, the entrenched interests of certain members of both parties remain an important stumbling block on the path to a competent principled united alternative to the NDP.

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Let's bring back the Alberta Advantage and restore Alberta's place as a leader in Confederation.


Prem Singh