She's Driving Us All Crazzy

Have you heard of NDP MLA Jessica Littlewood?

When it comes to how she's abusing our hard-earned tax dollars, she's driving us all crazy!

Ms. Littlewood recently was paid $34,800 in mileage claims for driving a whopping 80,000 kilometers in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

To put that in perspective, that's more than 200 kilometers each and every single day for an entire year.

It's also 30,000 Kilometres more than any other MLA drove in the same period, and nearly double the number of kilometers she drove in the 2016-17 fiscal year.

And while we're sure it's just a coincidence, it's also the absolute maximum allowed to be claimed by an MLA under the rules set by the Legislature.

And what did Ms. Littlewood have to say about this truly staggering bill to Alberta taxpayers?

Why she was downright "proud" about how expensive her mileage claims were!

In a column she wrote to Alberta papers, Ms. Littlewood boasted about how charging Alberta taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars to drive endlessly around her riding proved that she was doing her job as an MLA.

Proud? To have broken the bank with her ridiculous mileage claims?

And just how possible is it that Ms. Littlewood racked up so many kilometers as an MLA who lives near Edmonton - her riding is Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville - and doesn't have to travel endlessly to either far Southern or Northern Alberta?

In fact, radio journalist Danielle Smith also raised some concerns about the believability of the MLA Littlewood's claim, pointing out just how ridiculous her driving schedule must be to achieve these lofty mileage claims.

However, in her guest column, Ms. Littlewood sought to bring peace of mind to those worried that she was flagrantly abusing our tax dollars.

When talking about MLA mileage claims, which operate on the honour system, she then personally vouched that she had reviewed her records and can confirm that she actually drove all of those kilometers - a claim which we should also clearly believe because it too was also made on the honour system.

If you're starting to get a queasy feeling about this whole affair, then you're not alone - most outside observers are highly skeptical of Ms. Littlewood's ability to rack up that many kilometers instead of just claiming the absolute max and pocketing the cash.

It seems like just another sad story about an Alberta MLA who got caught with their nose in the trough, guzzling up tax dollars through bogus expense claims.

Let's hope that in 2019, Albertans send a clear message to NDP MLAs who have enjoyed living large on our tax dollars for the past three years. Stand with us and tell your family and friends that it's time to hit the brakes on this high-taxing, big-spending NDP government because they're driving us all crazy!



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