The NDP's Secretive Curriculum Rebuild

You may have seen this story in the Metro papers last week detailing how secretive the NDP government is being about its overhaul of the education curriculum.  

The former director of curriculum development for Edmonton Public schools, Stuart Wachowicz, stated that he had "never before seen or heard of a curriculum process so far removed from the public, so far removed from accountability, and so far removed from the interest of Alberta children.”

It's a damning criticism of the secretive "expert working groups" - the people the NDP have tasked with this monumental undertaking.  Their backgrounds, qualifications, and names are all being hidden from the public.  We also don't know how the committees are structured, who is presenting to them, or the information being presented.

One thing we DO know is that the NDP's union friends in the Alberta Teacher's Association are being given a ton of influence over this entire process.

With a government so steeped in ideology at the helm, parents are rightly concerned.  It's just one more piece of the Alberta Advantage to which the NDP is taking its proverbial sledgehammer.

We need to change course quickly.  Conservatives need to present a competent, united, principled alternative to the NDP in 2019, and relegate this government to the dustbin of history.


The Alberta Can't Wait Team