Save $12.00 on Clotheslines!

First, it was government lightbulb task-forces.  Next, it was creating an entire Crown Corporation to oversee the energy efficiency program.  Now, it's subsidized clotheslines.

That's right, Albertans will receive instant rebates of $12.00 on any clotheslines they purchase.  The government claims the average family does 400 loads of laundry every year, and that the cost of drying all these clothes is as much as $120.00 a year.  Assuming that 1/3 of the year Alberta is sufficiently warm to actually hang clothes up to dry outside, we are looking at savings of tens of dollars thanks to the NDP's clothesline program (assuming that the carbon tax and coal phase-out have zero impact on utility prices)

Every time conservatives talk about balancing budgets and lower taxes the left accuses them of cutting front line workers and gutting core government services.  They refuse to acknowledge that there might possibly be services or areas that could be cut.  The best thing that can be said about this government is that the waste is right out in the open on the government website.

Subsidized clotheslines are simply a symptom of the wider disease of the NDP government.

Do your part to make sure that Wildrose and PC members ratify the unity conditions that the discussion group puts forward.

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Let's get the government out of the clothesline business in 2019.