Rick Bell: Jason Kenney sells uniting Alberta's right while run for PC leadership race expected to begin within days

COCHRANE — The man who would be leader is in the house.

Wednesday night at the Legion in Cochrane, a full house in attendance.

It’s an Alberta Can’t Wait event.

They’re a group of folks who would sure like all conservatives to be in one provincial party because they sure would like to see the Notley NDP gone and they figure that’s the best way to do it.

Calgary MP and former high-profile Harper cabinet minister Jason Kenney is on the agenda.

Newshounds are here because Kenney, the self-styled conviction conservative, is expected to soon announce he’s running to be leader of the Alberta PCs.

Out in the parking lot fielding questions, Kenney looks pumped and ready to roll, taking aim at unnamed higher-ups in both the Wildrose and the Progressive Conservative parties.

“There are people in senior roles in the two provincial parties who are not completely in tune with the views of the majority of free enterprise Albertans who want one party,” says Kenney, calling them “grasstop party activists.”

“People should be happy Albertans are talking about a solution to the problem that created an NDP government.”

Splitting the conservative vote between two parties.

Kenney is nowhere near finished.

“Change is necessary. As biologists teach, if you don’t change you die.”

Quoting former premier Ralph Klein, Kenney takes to the podium saying he’s among “severely normal Albertans.”

He also says they’re “Rachel Notley’s worst nightmare.”

On this night, Kenney delivers old-school barnburner oratory.

“The NDP does not represent Alberta values.

“They are destroying our province’s economy. The vast majority of Albertans who want fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and lower taxes not higher taxes are trying to figure out how we make sure they don’t get re-elected.”