Rick Bell: Jason Kenney looks like leadership candidate asking free-enterprisers to unite and save Alberta from NDP

He sounds like a man who has made up his mind.

He sounds like somebody who will do as the chattering classes foresee.

He sounds like he will seek the leadership of the Alberta PCs and push to unite all conservatives under one banner.

“All good people should rally to the cause of unity amongst free-enterprise Albertans,” says Jason Kenney, the longtime Calgary Conservative MP and former top-drawer Harper cabinet minister.

Kenney, the guy who in his youth took on Ralph Klein, causing the premier to kill gold-plated MLA pensions.

“This province is too important to risk,” continues the man who identifies himself as a “conviction conservative” believing “in the power of free enterprise to help people get ahead.”

“This should not be complicated. The federal PCs and the Reform/Alliance parties came together in 2003. It’s been an incredibly successful coalition. All one big happy family. Won three federal elections.

“If we could do that nationally, it should be easy to do it in Alberta.”

Kenney continues, sounding like a man who has made up his mind.

“Everybody has got to be prepared to put aside their egos and their nostalgia in order to put Alberta first and make sure we can restore the free enterprise spirit to this province which, until the NDP, was Canada’s economic engine.”

The MP feels it is the time to park “institutional loyalties.”

“I’m just saying everybody has to put a bit of water in their wine and make sure the free-enterprise forces are united in 2019.”

It is said Kenney is getting a team together. He will certainly gain support and money.


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