Red Deer Forum Recap

Thank you for your incredible support of our April 30..

Thank you for your incredible support of our April 30 forum in Red Deer!  We were absolutely thrilled with the number of Albertans who chose to spend their Saturday at our event as well as the overwhelmingly positive response. One of the comments we heard over and over again was that attendees felt “energized” about uniting the conservative movement here in Alberta.

Our forum covered a wide variety of topics and attendees were able to provide their feedback and opinions throughout the day. We discussed the uniting principles for a renewed conservative movement, the various options for ensuring we have a principled, competent, united alternative to the NDP government in the next election, and the most up-to-date polling research. As one attendee stated “I have never been to an event with such individual and collective wisdom and insight.”

At the end of the meeting, attendees were asked to vote on a resolution to create an unincorporated association that would help organize and coordinate the activities of Alberta Can’t Wait to help achieve its mission of uniting conservatives. The enthusiasm of Albertans for smaller government, lower taxes, sensible spending, and one conservative voice to represent them next election is clear.  We left Red Deer with a strong mandate to persuade members, constituency associations, and party executives to join and support building a principled and unified small-c conservative party in time for the next election.

We would like to thank every one of you sincerely for your support of our cause. Alberta Can’t Wait will continue to take its message to people across the province because Alberta comes before any political brand, party or politician.  We hope you will encourage your family and friends to sign up online at to be a part of the movement.

Stay tuned for our more detailed Go Forward Plan and activities planned during the summer months!


The Alberta Can’t Wait Steering Committee

P.S.  Please take a look at the recently updated FAQs section of our website.  If you have any further questions please contact Prem Singh or Hadyn Place at or 587-487-9889