Rachel Notley’s new environmental tax will have thousands of seen and unseen consequences

In a little less than two weeks, the NDP’s carbon tax will take effect. At nearly $3 billion a year, the tax will have the same impact as a provincial sales tax of three per cent.

If you wake up New Year’s Day morning and realize you drove your tank dry cruising from party to party the night before and now you have to fill up, you may think the tax is no big deal. At a little more than four cents a litre at the pump this year (rising to nearly seven cents next year). That’s like the price fluctuations we all witnessed for the past couple of months.

And maybe you’ve been persuaded by the government’s rich ads (paid for using your tax dollars) that you’re part of the 60 per cent of Albertans who will be receiving a rebate of the carbon tax you pay. So again, you think, no biggie.