Pressing Alberta's conservative reset button

Prem Singh was born and grew up in Brooks where her father taught at Brooks Composite High School.

She is fluent in Punjabi and has taught it to children at classes in the Sikh temple in Calgary. 

Prem makes her living as the international bridge between, and rainmaker for, Indian and Canadian businesses and investments.

Prem is the co-leader of Alberta Can’t Wait, the political movement that aspires to bring Alberta’s “small-c” conservatives together under a single umbrella. Where they belong, in Singh’s opinion.

She comes from an accomplished public family. Besides her own political rise, her brother, Harnarayan, is the popular play-by-play announcer for the Punjabi-language broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada.

Just ask his fans to explain his patented, “Bonino Bonino Bonino Bonino.” (Hint: it’s not a Punjabi word, it’s kind of like Foster Hewitt’s “he shoots, he scores”).

All by way of saying Prem Singh is nobody’s fool.

In a one-hour interview about politics in Alberta since Ed Stelmach became premier and the political values and ideas that unite conservatives of both major parties in Alberta, there is one word she never used. Merger.

The five words she did use are: fiscally responsible, principled, competent and populism.

From those words, the Alberta Can’t Wait movement is crafting a big umbrella, a big tent, that most, if not all, conservatives will join under for the 2020 general election.

Said Singh, “we have to have a reset button in Alberta politics. A ‘small –c’conservative reset button.