Premier Rachel Notley goes on offence and says NDP ready to fight no matter what conservatives decide

There is no hint of doubt in her voice as she addresses the full house of NDP faithful gathered in Calgary.


For Notley, this is a critical moment.

She knows the Progressive Conservatives are holding a leadership race where the winner seems near certain but there’s argy-bargy expected before it’s all over.

She knows it will be many months before one united conservative party is up and running, if at all, and the way forward is not guaranteed to be without its dangers.

It is time for the premier to throw down the gauntlet. Notley isn’t blinking. Nobody thought she would. In fact, the premier always seems to gain an extra step when battle lines are being drawn.

“We must continue to hold firm to the progressive principles on which our movement was built,” she says, to applause from folks who just two years ago never thought they’d be in the driver’s seat in Alberta.

“Now is not the time to let our steady hand waver.”

The fight is on, she tells them.

In Notley’s words, her party will need to “fight like never before.” She says the battle is “between who they are and who we are.”