Prem Singh of Alberta Can’t Wait speaks at Chamber general meeting

Alberta Can’t Wait co-founder Prem Singh spoke at the Peace River & District Chamber of Commerce general meeting on Monday September 19.

Singh, in her presentation, covered a wide range of issues and policies – from economic freedom, fiscal responsibility, pipelines and even the beer tax – implemented by the current provincial government which the group has been critical of. 

Alberta Can’t Wait, described by Singh as a non-partisan group of everyday Albertans devoted to a “single, principled, competent, united alternative to the current government in time for the next election”, has been calling for the unification of Alberta’s conservative parties.

“Our goal is to build a grassroots movement dedicated to uniting Albertans behind a free enterprise party,” Singh said. “Throughout the province we’ve encountered an overwhelming desire for just this. No one party or person is more important than the future of Alberta.”

In her speech, Singh took aim at the NDP government increases to corporate taxes, its implementation of the carbon levy and the raising of the minimum wage as the key elements of a direction which she believes is negatively affecting the people and businesses in the province.

“Albertans will pay far more to heat their homes, run their businesses and hire their employees,” she said. “Despite an increase in the corporate tax rate by 20%, the expected tax revenues have decreased by almost one billion dollars.  Despite a 1% decrease on the taxes of small businesses, they will entirely be offset by other tax hikes.”