Both the PC Party and Wildrose have said they believe they can win the next election without uniting – are they right?

Depending on the poll (and we are still several years out from an election) Wildrose tends to be the preferred choice for conservatives living in rural Alberta.  The PC Party is presently the leading choice for conservatives living in Calgary and Edmonton.  While it is possible that either Wildrose or the PC Party might be able to win the next election without uniting, the likeliest outcome of an Alberta provincial election under the present circumstances is a minority government.  Such a minority government risks that the NDP could remain in power, or have a powerful say in how Alberta is governed.  Future elections would also face the risk of electing (or re-electing) an NDP government while conservative votes remain divided between two political parties.  Allowing this to continue is too much of a threat to Alberta’s political and economic future.  That is why Alberta Can’t Wait is committed to uniting conservatives behind a principled, competent, united alternative to the NDP government before the next Alberta election.