PC leader Jason Kenney says it’s time to deal with high Alberta public sector pay and perks

He isn't buying it.

Jason Kenney isn't buying the idea reining in the costs of the Alberta government means slashing and burning and services savaged with masses of nurses and teachers on the bread lines.

A scene out of The Grapes of Wrath.

No, the new Progressive Conservative leader isn't buying Premier Notley's scary talk every time anyone even hints at a real reduction in provincial government cheque-writing.

Visiting Postmedia HQ in Calgary, Kenney asks why the Notley NDP hasn't tackled the problem.

He asks a question but he has his own answer and believes you do as well.

"Why isn't the NDP leading the way on this right now? We all know why. Because their decisions are calibrated to benefit the most supportive interest groups," says the man now trying to unite all conservatives in one new party to defeat the Dippers.

One big and very supportive interest group, workers on the provincial government payroll. Many are now going for new contracts.