PC and Wildrose MLAs 90% Aligned

Yesterday, the Manning Centre released a comprehensive study of every vote that has occurred in the legislature since the May 2015 election.

What does the record show? PC and Wildrose MLAs vote together over 90% of the time.

On finance votes, that number jumps up to 96%!

With the exception of MLA Sandra Jansen, who voted with the NDP to increase spending 11 times, the two parties are already unified when it comes to opposing the NDP's tax and overspend policies.

It is also notable that both parties overwhelmingly supported one another's motions and amendments.  The Wildrose has voted for 100% of PC amendments, and the PCs have voted for 91% of Wildrose amendments.  They're not only opposed to the NDP's agenda, but almost entirely supportive of one another's ideas.  

There is far less that divides our MLAs and our grassroots than the press and the NDP want you to believe.  United we win - divided we risk another term of the NDP.

Take a look at the full report here