Our Speech at the Legislature

Two weeks ago, one of our founders, Prem Singh, delivered a speech to thousands of Albertans on the steps of the legislature building in Edmonton.  We wanted to share what we said to the attendees of that rally with you.  Our theme was, as it always is, creating a united, principled, competent alternative to our current NDP government.

In the spirit of the Christmas season we also wanted to express our immense gratitude to each of you for your support of Alberta Can't Wait.  Ours is truly a grassroots movement made up of Albertans from every walk of life.  We simply could not do it without you.


The Alberta Can't Wait Team

Good Afternoon Friends,

My name is Prem and I’m one of the founders of Alberta Can’t Wait.

Our movement is devoted to uniting Albertans under one political voice in time to defeat Rachel Notley’s NDP next election. Nothing could be more important right now.

I was born in Brooks Alberta, and I’m proud to call this province home.  To me, Alberta is the greatest place on earth.  Endless opportunity for people from all walks of life.  Good jobs, innovation, and a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to made-in-Ottawa solutions.

It’s what makes this province great.  It’s what has attracted so many people from so many different places.  It’s why I’m proud to hail from Brooks, a community of farmers and ranchers, oil workers and entrepreneurs. And let’s not forget the labourers from all over the world, grinding it out at the meat packing plant in the hope of one day owning a home and raising a family.  To some it may look like a dusty, dried out prairie town, but it was and is a beacon of freedom and opportunity to families like mine back when my parents chose it to be their home. 

Now over the years we’ve heard the naysayers, weathered the criticism, and withstood the mistruths and exaggerations of the radical environmentalists - but we are still here. We are still fighting for the freedom and opportunity that drew us here in the first place. 

And we can have it again. For generations we were the land of modest government, low taxes, local decision making, and the smart and responsible development of our resources. First it was farming and ranching and forestry. Then oil and gas. Combined it gave us the highest wages in the country, no debt, the best schools, and unbridled opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people from all over Canada and the world.

But lately, our governments - federal and provincial, have taken it all for granted. They hiked our taxes, drove us into debt, demonized oil and gas, pushed out investment, interfered in our schools, and built the most expensive bureaucracy in Canada. Since then, businesses have folded, unemployment has soared, hopes have been dashed, and our young people are leaving us for opportunities elsewhere.

That is the sad legacy of the NDP. But more than that ladies and gentlemen, it is also the legacy of a divided conservative movement. I am not here to revisit the 2015 election. Rightly or wrongly Albertans took out their frustrations on the government of the day. But today, in the long shadow of an incompetent NDP government, and their record of debt, taxes, bankruptcy and unemployment, could it be any more clear that once again that common sense and free market Albertans must set aside our differences?

Under Premier Ralph Klein men and women, rural and urban, immigrant and Alberta-born, we all worked together in one party, and all together we built the greatest province in Canada. We can be that province again. Together we can defeat the NDP and their ugly ideology that rewards the radicals, while punishing the risk takers; that destroys wealth and punishes success.   

But first we must decide to let go of the slights, and grievances that divided us in the first place. How long do Albertans have to pay the price because politicians won’t move on? As William Aberhart once noted. “if you haven’t suffered enough, it’s your God given right to suffer some more”.

We could choose to stay divided and tell our children and grandchildren that back in the day, somebody in that other party said something that really made us mad, and that’s why you kids need to suffer under this NDP government. Or we can come together, and together in the next election we can bury this NDP government once and forever.

Together we can throw out the NDP ideology and their radical policies and once again build the kind of Alberta that makes us a light in the window in a country and a world that still hungers for freedom and opportunity. 

Thank-you -  God Bless Alberta and God Bless Canada