O'Leary: Open letter to Premier Rachel Notley

Hi Premier Notley, It's me again, checking in. From what I can see, things haven't been going well for Alberta and are about to get worse. I am writing to remind you of the promise I made to every taxpayer in Canada to call out mediocrity, incompetence and risk in government economic and fiscal policy whenever I saw it.

It seems you haven't had enough trouble with collapse of the price of oil and the Canadian dollar. It seems you aren't worried about the tens of thousands of Albertans who have lost their jobs. I know, I know, this wasn't your fault ... you don't control the price of oil. But why do you insist on making things worse? Your new carbon tax beginning on Jan. 1 is a horrendous mistake. You will officially be guiding Alberta into an economic blizzard with the implementation of the carbon tax. A disaster Alberta won't be able to dig itself out of and that, Premier Notley, is your fault.