Notley NDP just can’t say No to new ways of pickpocketing big city taxpayers

They just won’t say No but they sure can tap dance.

Danielle Larivee was in Calgary trying to sell the NDP gospel to a group of suits so quiet you could hear them swallowing their morning coffee.

Larivee is Notley’s point person on dealing with Calgary and Edmonton. The NDP and the two cities are working on a city charter for Calgary and Edmonton, giving the cities more power.

Your columnist asks Larivee about the province giving the two cities more taxing powers.

Warning. What you read may make your head hurt.

“We continue to talk with the municipalities but really what comes out of these, the first couple of stages, the kind of topics we’re engaging about with Calgary and Edmonton to talk about, where we’re going with the city charters right now, will define if there’s any need to have that kind of conversation.”

Larivee continues. Hang in there.

“This has always been about addressing the unique capacities and challenges of municipalities so we will continue to work with the municipalities to figure out where they need to go to be more sustainable.”

Keep going. No turning back now. You’re in the swamp.

“But no, we have not had any clear conversations on what needs to happen, on what needs to come out of this because we don’t know what Albertans are going to expect from the rest of the city charter process. We’ll define that conversation.”