Nicholas: If anyone can unite the right, it’s Jason Kenney

Now that Jason Kenney has officially announced his intentions, he has some obstacles to overcome if he’s going to be successful at taking over the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives.

At this year’s convention, the party opted out of the "one member, one vote" system because they felt it was too easy for outsiders to take the party over. Now they’ve opted for a delegate convention.

This means Kenney will have to take over all of the PCAA Constituency Associations which will, in turn, send delegates to vote for the next leader of the party.

This will be no easy task, but we have to remember that he will most certainly have the backing of his federal counterparts.

There are 34 federal ridings in Alberta and 29 of those are conservative. With Jason Kenney’s organizational skills and 20 years of political experience in the province, he’s definitely got the connections and the upper hand over other leadership candidates.

There is also the issue of resistance from members in both the Wildrose Party and the Progressive Conservatives, even though recent polling from Alberta Can’t Wait shows that a united conservative party would dominate the NDP in the next election.