New Year, New Taxes

It's our fifth day paying for Rachel Notley's carbon tax.  We've noticed gas going up a few cents, and we're nervously waiting to what our power and gas bills look like at the end of the month. We've seen businesses adding carbon tax surcharges to their prices.  We may have even prayed for those who live in towns where so many people's livelihoods are earned in coal mines

While many folks are still debating the specific financial pain the carbon tax will inflict on everyday Albertans, virtually every economist and academic agrees on one thing: the carbon tax won't make Albertans change their behaviour and adopt so-called "low carbon lifestyles".  The carbon tax is simply a hidden consumption tax.  While some politicians talk about "revenue neutral" carbon pricing, the NDP is using this tax boost government revenues to pay for their bad decisions.  They have already increased corporate taxes, income taxes, and taxes on alcohol.  Their new carbon tax could be described as a tax on keeping your house warm during winter and your car filled with enough gas to get you to work.

And let's remember - it's a tax they didn't mention once in their campaign platform in the last election.  They have no mandate from Albertans to bring in what is the single largest tax increase in Alberta's history.

Last month the Fraser Institute published a stody showing that Alberta under the NDP has sunk to the 45th best place to invest in oil and gas in North America.  Today they revealed that where Alberta was once the lowest taxed jurisdiction in North America, it is now the 16th highest.  Who will choose Alberta as a place to do business under this government?  Our competition is thrilled, the NDP is sending jobs, investment, and opportunity across the borders to BC and Saskatchewan.

We simply can't continue in this direction.  We must take pride in our industry, unite under a competent, united, principled alternative to the NDP and bring back the Alberta Advantage.

And let's axe the carbon tax!


The Alberta Can't Wait Team