NDP Education Revamp

Alberta used to be the envy of the world when it came to education.   

Alberta used to be the envy of the world when it came to education.   

In recent years, however, our government has shifted away from the basics.  Two notable examples have been the move towards so-called "discovery learning" and fewer standardized tests.  Subsequently, Alberta’s rankings have plummeted in the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Now, the union bosses at the Alberta Teachers' Association are suggesting we should stop taking part in these global tests that measure Alberta students against the world.  Does anyone doubt that when PISA’s 2015 results come in in November, Alberta will have sunk even further in the rankings?

While the NDP's union friends want to reduce accountability, the NDP government is proposing a radical shift in the curriculum.  Not surprisingly, they're handing over the reins to people hand-selected by their union-boss friends at the ATA.

We all know that Alberta’s teachers are second-to-none and that standardized testing is not without flaws.  However, in his press conference announcing the education curriculum revamp, education minister David Eggen focused not on improving Alberta’s international math and science scores, but instead on a curriculum that will emphasize Aboriginal history, gender diversity, and climate change.

It is crucial that we make our voices heard to prevent the NDP from social engineering in our province's classrooms.  Alberta's children must not suffer because of this government's ideology.

Please sign our petition and let David Eggen, know that you support parental choice in education, a robust curriculum and the accountability brought by standardized testing.


The Alberta Can't Wait Team