NDP defends spending $750,000 to advertise provincial budget

Spending more money to promote a budget that already has wasteful spending is another thing Alberta just doesn't need."The cash-strapped NDP government is putting nearly $750,000 towards advertising the provincial budget released last week after spending almost that much to tout the financial plan it brought forward last fall."

" The expenditure is drawing barbs from the opposition, but the government defends the television and Internet campaign for the budget, which sees Alberta facing a projected $10.4-billion deficit amid economic turmoil caused by low oil prices.

“What we heard time and time again from people is that they need to hear more about what our plan is,” said Cheryl Oates, press secretary for Premier Rachel Notley.

“They want to know what the government is doing, they want to know how we plan to deal with this economic downturn and so we’re making an effort to make sure they understand what our plan is and how they can access the programs we’ve put forward.” "

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