There is a long way to go and much work to be done, but the momentum is building!  

The politicians are listening.  

With Brian Jean's announcement yesterday that he wants to negotiate with the PC party and pursue the leadership of a united party, we are one step closer to ensuring a defeat of this disastrous NDP government in 2019.

We want to extend our sincerest thanks to each of you for your calls, letters, articles, and online activism in order to get us to this point.  Thanks to you, we are closer than ever to having a single, competent, principled party ready to fight and win the 2019 election.  

While there has been discord between PCs and Wildrosers in the past, we also want to thank all of those who have put egos aside and publicly supported the unity movement.  We are on the cusp of an historic moment in our province's history.  If we can turn the page on past grievances and look forwards, we will return Alberta to its historic place as the economic engine of Canada, and make sure our province continues to be a beacon of freedom and opportunity for Canada and the world.


Prem Singh.

P.S.  We invite you to join us February 9 in Calgary to talk about restoring that vision of our province, what Ralph Klein termed the Alberta Advantage.  Rona Ambrose, interim leader of the federal Conservative party, and a proud Albertan, will be joining us.  Tickets are just $25.00 and are solely to cover the costs of the venue and food.