Major crude oil unit train derailment has occurred in Jasper National Park

Alberta Can't Wait has learned that a major crude oil unit train derailment has occurred in Jasper National Park near Moose Lake.

George Clark with Albertans First has spoken with individuals with firsthand knowledge of the situation, and with the Transportation Safety Board, Transport Canada, Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and Canadian National Railway (CN), and has provided this update to Alberta Can't Wait and Albertans.

The National Safety Board has confirmed that a derailment took place and that they are presently investigating. They have not yet released any public information about this derailment.

The size of the derailment will require CN or CP to replace 1.6 kilometers of track, causing a major delay on their main line.

Like many other groups, Alberta Can't Wait has been calling for new pipeline construction, and for pipelines like the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to be declared in the national interest precisely because pipelines are by far the safest way to transport oil.

You can read the Frasier Institute's study on pipeline safety here.

A major spill from a train derailment in one of Alberta's breathtaking national parks would be a tragedy.

It is events like this that hammer home the importance of pipeline construction, and the need for the federal government to take meaningful, concrete action to ensure that pipelines are not being stalled or blocked.

It is not yet known what the full impact of this train derailment will be on the environment.

We hope that the damage is minimal and that all governments take this as a wake-up call about the need to move very quickly to build new pipelines to bring Alberta resources to global markets.



Alberta Can't Wait