Light-bulbs Used to Symbolize Good Ideas

"How many New Democrats does it take to screw in a light-bulb?"

"How dim does the government think Albertans are?"

"No amount of free light-bulbs will brighten up the NDP's approval numbers"

Humour is the only coping mechanism Albertans have when they see the latest abuse of taxpayers' money by the NDP.  Rick Bell explains the NDP's latest scheme to spend all of that extra carbon tax revenue:

"If you sign up with the government, someone will phone you in April to tell you when they're coming with the light-bulbs.

Then the man or lady hired by the Ontario company that was hired by the NDP will show up and will look at all the sockets at your place.

If they see an old-school light-bulb in a socket ... poof ... it's gone. You get an LED light-bulb. They even screw it in for you."

Giving away free light-bulbs and shower-heads seems like a terrible government program at the best of times.  With the government racking up billions in debt, it's downright asinine.

What's the takeaway from all this?  

The NDP can not be permitted to form government again in 2019.  As conservatives need to get our act together, and doggedly pursue a competent, united, principled alternative.


The Alberta Can't Wait Team