Let's "Phase Out" the Oilsands

Today, while giving a speech to an audience in Ontario, Justin Trudeau stated "we can’t shut down the oil sands tomorrow. We need to phase them out."

What a comforting statement for investors - put capital into Alberta and for some undetermined length of time, you SHOULD be able to conduct business. 

What a comforting statement for oil and gas workers - times are already tough, but somewhere down the line we'll phase out your entire industry.  

And, what a comforting statement for Albertans - the Liberal government is working towards shutting down our single biggest economic contributor.

Back in the 1970s Peter Lougheed fought for -and won- the rights to our energy resources from the federal government of Pierre Trudeau.  Today, we have an NDP government who are eager to oblige the federal Liberals - they can hardly wait to raise the carbon tax to the levels Justin Trudeau wants.  

Premier Lougheed in the 1970s and Premer Brad Wall today underscore the need for strong provincial leaders to prevent federal government intrusion.  If Brian Jean or Jason Kenney were Premier today, we would be fighting tooth and nail against the Liberal government and their anti-Alberta agenda.  We'd be fighting to protect our energy prosperity, not surrendering to the whims of the federal government.

We can't gamble with Alberta's future and leave the next election up to chance.  We need to listen to the 66% of Albertans who want conservative unity.

With a federal government showing their true hostility to our province and our industry - it's very clear.  

Alberta Can't Wait!