Let's make Alberta Open for Business

Since 2015, Alberta Can't Wait has been working to restore fiscally responsible conservative government to Alberta. We supported uniting Alberta's two conservative parties into the United Conservative Party and holding the NDP government to account. We've also been raising issues which are sometimes overlooked by all political parties which we believe are critical to our province's success.

Now, we're pleased to say that we're working with the group Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity (CDP) as they work to put forward policies which support Alberta businesses through their new Open For Business campaign.

Since even before the NDP were elected, Alberta businesses have been struggling with a sluggish economy.

However, the situation has become much worse because of the NDP's anti-business policies.

The multi-billion dollars carbon tax, the massive minimum wage hike, the excessive regulations and red tape placed on businesses, and changes to Alberta's labour laws have made our province an unattractive place to do business.

As a result, many businesses have closed their doors, laid off staff, or moved their operations to other provinces.

Alberta used to be the best province in Canada in which to start and grow a business, and we believe that it must be once again the destination of choice for entrepreneurs and investors.

The CDP's Open For Business campaign will be laying out a series of policies which we believe will help Alberta businesses create new jobs and invest in our province.

We also encourage you to sign their "We Support Alberta Business Pledge" which shows support for Alberta businesses.

We're excited to see another group come forward to advance positive policy ideas for Alberta. We know that this remarkable province deserves better than this current government and that the next government must make sure that Alberta will be Open For Business.



Alberta Can't Wait