Jobs and Investment for Alberta

Many have stopped looking for new jobs altogether as Alberta's economy continue to struggle.
The NDP's so-called economic recovery is just a government talking point. The fact is, the NDP's plan to grow Alberta's economy and create new jobs hasn't worked.
While low commodity prices and a lack of pipelines have certainly contributed to our province's current economic woes, there is another reason why Alberta's economic performance has faltered.
Over the last three years, the NDP have made it clear that Alberta is closed for business. They've scared off investment, layered on red tape, and added significant costs onto the backs of business owners.
We've talked before about the many ways in which the NDP have made doing business in Alberta more expensive, from labour law changes and the $15 dollar minimum wage hike to the multi-billion dollar carbon tax.
But now we're seeing a clear alternative to the NDP's anti-business agenda that we believe will kickstart job creation and economic growth in Alberta.
The United Conservative Party has begun releasing policy planks ahead of the Spring 2019 Alberta provincial election. Here are a couple of the commitments they've made, which we believe will be effective in helping businesses create new jobs and attract investment back to Alberta.
1. Cutting the red tape.
There's nothing that left-of-centre governments love more than government regulations. As former US President Ronald Reagan once said, "Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: if it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
Layers and layers of red tape have made doing business in Alberta costly and complicated.
Businesses spend too much time and money trying to comply with the ocean of regulation that the NDP government have forced onto their backs.
The UCP's proposed policy of reducing government regulation by one third will both help cut costs for businesses and attract new businesses to Alberta.
2. Cutting job-killing business taxes.
Alberta's economic crisis was made much worse when the NDP decided to raise taxes on businesses precisely when they could least afford them. It told investors that Alberta wasn't the place to do business and drove up job losses.
The NDP's solution has been for the government to pick private sector winners and losers by using taxpayer money to support certain projects over others.
The UCP's proposed policy of cutting the general business tax rate from 12% to 8% will create the conditions for businesses to create jobs, and attract investment back to our province. Government shouldn't be in the business of being in business - they should create the right conditions to let the private sector do what it does best: create opportunity and prosperity.
These policies were also advanced by our friends at Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity as part of their Open For Business campaign.
Ultimately, both of these measures are also about sending a message not just to Albertans, but to investors and entrepreneurs around the world:
Alberta is the place to come if you want to start and grow your business.
We believe that the measures being announced by the United Conservative Party are not only prudent, but necessary if we're to resolve Alberta's ongoing unemployment crisis and kickstart our economy.
Alberta Can't Wait