Jim Prentice

There are countless politicians who genuinely are public servants - who stand up for everyday citizens and work long hours to help their constituents.  These are the unsung heroes of our political system.  They see themselves as genuine partners in helping their constituents navigate the sometimes difficult and complex waters of government.

Today, we lost a true public servant. Someone who committed his life to public service and always stood up for everyday Albertans and Canadians at the government table.

Jim Prentice dedicated his career to elected public service and was admired by folks on both sides of the aisle for his work ethic and integrity.  He was a key member of the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, and continued his public service as Premier of Alberta. While many may not have always agreed with his policies, they never doubted the sincerity of his beliefs nor his desire to do what he thought was in the best interests of Albertans. He was a true servant of the public, and wasn't afraid to put his name forward in the name of service.

He played a key role in uniting conservatives at the federal level - first running on a platform of unity when he sought the leadership of the federal PC Party, and again when he strongly supported the creation of the Conservative Party of Canada. He completely understood that, as conservatives, we are strongest when we stand together in support of free enterprise policies and fiscal responsibility.

Today, our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Karen, their three kids, and their extended family and friends as we mourn his untimely passing. He served the public with integrity and strong commitment for many years, and he served our province and our country well during his time in office.

His sad passing is an important reminder that those who represent us are not just politicians, but individuals who have sacrificed much in the spirit of better government.

Best regards,

Alberta Can't Wait