Jason Kenney, Alberta PC leadership hopeful, gets Stephen Harper's blessing, the biggest of all boosts

This is the part of the movie where the momentum builds.

You expect the moment. You’ve heard something is coming.

You know, it’s when someone gives you the head’s up. Make sure you’re there. It will be worth it.

Then it arrives.

Jason Kenney, the former Harper cabinet minister, gets the endorsement of his boss.

No one can mistake the message. Harper doesn’t mince words.

The Harper love comes just days after Kenney announces he will seek the Alberta PC leadership and, if he wins, he will work to have one united conservative party with him at the helm, ready to lay waste to the socialists.

Saturday night this early act of political theatre comes to Calgary’s Heritage Park.

Stephen Harper, former prime minister and Calgary MP, takes to the stage in the swansong of his political career, the end of the line for the longest-serving conservative prime minister since Sir John A. Macdonald.

In his short address to the enthusiastic crowd, Harper wants to take “a little moment on Alberta.”

Here it comes.

He says conservative unity has remained elusive in Alberta “with terrible consequences.”

He recites the oft-repeated litany laid at the door of the Notley NDP.

Workers losing jobs, businesses shutting their doors, taxes going up, families without hope.

“That must change,” the man intones.

Now he sets up for the climax.

Harper says he believes Wildrosers want conservative unity.

OK, they’re in the tent.

Then the turn.

“Someone has stepped forward to bring an agenda of conservative unity and positive change to the PC party.”