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We hope you had an enjoyable Victoria Day long weekend.

We hope you had an enjoyable Victoria Day long weekend.

Last week, two articles were published that are of signficant interest to our cause.  

The first is from Lorne Gunter in the Edmonton Sun.  Gunter explains how the NDP are making smart moves to position themselves for victory in the next election, while a fractured right is being "bone-headed."  He echoes Prime Minister Harper's former chief of staff, Ian Brodie, who said at our April 30 forum that the NDP were playing divide and conquer with the oilpatch and making smart political moves, as well as Cliff Fryers who said that the PCs and Wildrose are "gambling with Alberta's future."

The second article reports that former Reform MP, and chair of the PC-Alliance merger, Ray Speaker, thinks that the current leadership of the PCs and Wildrose face losing the next election unless the leaders "put ego and vested interests aside."

As the grassroots members of both parties it is absolutely crucial that we keep up the pressure to ensure we have a single, principled, united alternative next election.  

Please make sure our Wildrose and PC MLAs keep hearing this important message.  We all know that this province is so much greater than any single party or politician.

Thank-you for your support!