Full Of Sound and Fury / Signifying Nothing

It's also a pretty accurate description of Premier Notley's response to the indefinite suspension of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion (TMX).
Since the devastating news that the Court of Appeal has put the breaks on the TMX project, immediately throwing 8,000 people out of work and sending the message that Canada really is closed for business, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has been vocal in her outrage.
Just today she said that Alberta "can do everything by the book and still get shortchanged."
In speaking for Albertans, she said: "we are frustrated and, let’s go with it, angry about the recent court decision on Trans Mountain."
But here's the thing about outrage: actions are much more effective in expressing outrage than words.
To quote another famous line from Robin S. Sharma: "Talk is cheap. Actions speak."
So, what has Premier Notley actually done to express her outrage other than speak?
Has she turned off the taps of Alberta oil to British Columbia to send home the message that this pipeline is critical for Alberta success? No.
Has she repealed the carbon tax - a tax designed to earn "social license" - to get pipelines built? No.
Has she severed ties with her federal NDP brothers and sisters who cheered the court decision which was a full frontal assault against Alberta and the energy sector? No.
Has she demanded the Trudeau Liberals suspend all federal transfers and investments to BC until this pipeline gets a permanent green light for construction? No.
Has she railed against the failure of the Federal Liberal government to support pipelines instead of appeasing Quebec politicians and environmental zealots? No.
Then what has she done about this most recent example of the failure of the Canadian Federation?
She held a meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau - from which nothing came - and she announced Alberta's withdrawal from the national Climate Plan, although declaring that Alberta will maintain its already sky-high carbon tax.
In other words, to again quote Shakespeare, she was "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

You see, the problem here is that the only way to really get this pipeline moving forward again is for the federal government to launch an all-out campaign in support of the TMX project AND Alberta's energy sector in general, and for Premier Notley to become Prime Minister Trudeau's worst enemy until his government does just that.
Except that Premier Notley has reliably been Prime Minister Trudeau's biggest ally and supporter since they were both elected in 2015.
Justin Trudeau won't commit to any meaningful action on this recent pipeline setback, and Rachel Notley won't stand up for Alberta against her best political friend.
And until both of these things happen, we're left with what might be described as a pipeline tragedy.
Which leaves us with just one more Shakespeare (mis)quote to describe this situation:
"For never was there a pipeline project of more woe, than one mismanaged by Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau."

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