What is Alberta Can’t Wait?

Alberta Can’t Wait is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organization concerned about the future of Alberta.  Our mission was to unify all Alberta conservatives behind a principled, competent, united alternative to the NDP government prior to the next Alberta election.  With the creation of the United Conservative Party on July 23, 2017, our mission will now be focused on holding both the NDP and the leadership of the new Conservative party to account.

Are you forming a new political party?

At our meeting in Red Deer on April 30, 2016, everyday Albertans from across the province made it clear that they did not support having multiple conservative political parties on the ballot in the next election.  They clearly expressed their desire to end vote-splitting and unite all conservative voters behind a single option.  Over the course of the next 14 months, the leadership and activists in both the PC and Wildrose legacy parties came to an agreement and created the new United Conservative Party after pressure mounted from everyday Albertans.  The membership of both parties voted with overwhelming 95% majorities, a massive endorsement of Alberta Can't Wait's message.

What was decided at your April 30th meeting?

At the Alberta Can’t Wait event on April 30th 2016 in Red Deer, everyday Albertans met to discuss the issue of conservative vote-splitting.  Attendees heard from a number of experienced individuals who laid out the challenges and opportunities for creating a competent, principled, united alternative to the NDP government.  At the end of that meeting, an overwhelming number of attendees voted in favour of reuniting the conservative movement.  Over the next 16 months, Alberta Can't Wait continued doing grassroots advocacy in favour of conservative unity which culminated in the overwhelmingly successful grassroots endorsement for the creation of a United Conservative Party on July 23, 2017.