Exciting Week!

What a thrilling week for conservatives across Alberta.

What a thrilling week for conservatives across Alberta.  Many of us were ecstatic to see Jason Kenney's entrance into the PC leadership race under a platform explicitly devoted to unification of the PC and Wildrose parties in time to fight the next election.  

We hope that other candidates for PC leadership, along with conservative voices from across the province, continue to endorse Alberta Can’t Wait’s message of a competent, united, principled, conservative alternative to the NDP.  

Our work remains far from over.  We will keep up our pressure on the leadership, caucuses, and membership of both parties to actively pursue a path to unity.

With our new ACW chapter in the beautiful riding of Banff-Cochrane, and with more constituency level executives expressing their interest in pursuing similar paths, we will not cease our pursuit of a genuine grassroots movement devoted to unification.

We are feeling optimistic but make no mistake - fighting the entrenched interests and institutional stasis of the parties remains an uphill battle.

We thank you so much for your support of our cause.  We have had thousands of signups in person and online but we need thousands more.  You are encouraged to forward this email along to a friend and asking them to sign up here.  


Prem Singh

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