Energy East

For years, Alberta was Canada’s economic engine. We drove prosperity for hundreds of thousands of Canadians and contributed...

For years, Alberta was Canada’s economic engine.

We drove prosperity for hundreds of thousands of Canadians and contributed generously to other provinces through equalization.

Today, Alberta is facing tough economic times.  The global decline in energy prices has hit our responsible and sustainable energy sector hard. 

Now, we face the added obstacle of an NDP government that has completed failed to support our most important industry.

They’ve appointed anti-pipeline and anti-oil sands activists to their Oil Sands Advisory Panel. 

They’ve hired anti-energy lobbyists as their senior political staffers. 

And their national party has endorsed a dangerous and misguided anti-energy agenda that would cripple our economy – the so-called “Leap Manifesto.”

When they were first elected, the NDP told us that adopting strident new policies like the proposed carbon tax would earn Alberta the “social licence" to build new pipelines.

The fact remains that many Canadian jurisdictions remain opposed to Alberta getting its resources to market.  Most recently, former Liberal Minister and current Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre came out aggressively against the Energy East pipeline.

A pipeline that would see Quebec use Alberta oil instead of importing oil from dictatorships and human rights abusers like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. 

We can't give a veto over economic development to people who will never be satisfied.  Neither the Alberta NDP nor the Trudeau Liberals will ever stand up for our energy sector.  They will always cater to radical special interests instead of supporting Alberta’s economy.

Alberta needs a government that will be a strong ally to our oil and gas industry.  We can't risk splitting the votes of Albertans who know the importance of our energy sector. We need to make sure that in the next election, there is one single option on the ballot that stands up for Alberta. 

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