Education Consultation - NDP Style

"Kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum should reflect the diversity of Alberta’s population."

"Kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum, in all subjects and in all grades, should enable learning opportunities that are equitable, inclusive and accessible for all Alberta students”

These kinds of platitude-filled statements make up almost the entirety of the NDP government’s online questionnaire about their proposed curriculum overhaul.

As David Stapes states in the Edmonton Journal, the NDP is “evidently trying to manufacture consent through the Alberta government’s new survey on its curriculum rewrite. The survey’s stated purpose is to find out what teachers and parents think about the rewrite, but it also pushes a discovery learning and activist agenda.”

Every teacher believes in equality and a curriculum that is accessible to all students.  It's an insult to teachers to suggest this is a new direction worthy of a $52 million curriculum rewrite.

Not only is their survey a sham, but the NDP has also given the Alberta Teacher’s Association (ATA) the status of “full partner” in re-writing the curriculum.  The unelected, unaccountable, union-boss friends of the NDP are re-writing the curriculum, while the two largest independent parents’ organizations in the province are left out in the cold.

Yes, that’s the same ATA who released a toolkit for Alberta’s teachers suggesting drag shows be staged in schools and students be addressed as "comrades" rather than boys and girls. 

Alberta’s students are already falling behind, but the NDP’s only response is to double down on the bad decisions that have seen Alberta’s students 

Sign our education petition now and let’s send a message to the Education Minister and the NDP government – don’t put your union friends and ideology ahead of our kids.


The Alberta Can't Wait Team