Did you hear about Justin Trudeau's most recent attack on Alberta?

Apparently, it began a few months ago when his government brought forward a 370-page piece of legislation to implement some parts of the most recent federal budget.
There, on page 319, was the Prime Minister's newest anti-Alberta move: a unilateral extension of the current equalization formula which sees billions of Albertan tax dollars sent to other provinces - mainly Quebec - for another five years until 2024.
Justin Trudeau and his Finance Minister Bill Morneau knew that both Alberta and Saskatchewan were in the process of recommending significant changes to the equalization program that would make it fairer for both provinces.
Instead of waiting to see what those recommendations would be, and working with both provinces to address some of their very real concerns, Trudeau just extended the current formula for another five years.
You would think that this latest outrage against Alberta would have drawn the ire of our own provincial Minister of Finance, Joe Ceci.
However, despite being aware of the changes, Joe Ceci waited an entire month before feebly expressing his concerns about the Trudeau Liberals' actions.
Where was our provincial government? Why weren't they fighting to protect Alberta's economy?
Where were our Liberal MPs Cabinet Ministers, who claim to be representing Alberta's interest in Ottawa?
Alberta used to have an "AAA" credit rating until the NDP government drove our province into the ground. Now it seems like there's a new "AAA" that we had better get used to when it comes to the Trudeau Liberals: "Another Attack on Alberta."
First, the federal Liberals killed the Northern Gateway pipeline.
Then, they meddled with the National Energy Board and made it impossible to get the Energy East pipeline built - helped in no small measure by Anti-Alberta Quebec politicians who are only too happy to take our tax dollars but not our oil and gas.
Next, they teamed up with our NDP government to saddle us with a job-killing carbon tax.
Finally, the federal Liberals, through their insistence on having the phony concept of "social license" for energy projects, were left with no choice but to buy Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline with our tax dollars.
And, they've still made no progress on getting the expansion to that pipeline built.
Haven't Albertans faced enough attacks from the Trudeau Liberals?
To quote columnist Kelly McParland, it seems pretty clear that when it comes down to it, politicians named Trudeau just don't like our province.
Columnist Don Braid went so far as to call the entire system "rigged" against Alberta.
Neither our provincial nor our federal governments have our province's best interests at heart, and there's only one way we can fix this problem: Alberta and Canada BOTH need new Conservative governments.
Let's stop the constant attacks on Alberta, and elect new governments that will stand up for our families, our businesses, our energy sector, and a fair deal on equalization that doesn't punish Albertans for working hard.

Alberta Can't Wait