Craig: Notley Needs to Hold Someone Accountable

Imagine making a $2 billion mistake and not getting fired for it?

Seriously, consider such a situation for a moment. How long would it take for your boss to march down to your office and hand you a pink slip? Thirty seconds? A minute? Probably not too long.

Incredibly, someone in the Notley government has made a mistake involving the electricity sector that could cost ratepayers $2 billion (according to the government), but all we’ve heard from the premier is silence. That’s not acceptable.

Premier Notley needs to explain who in her cabinet, and perhaps others in government, will be held accountable for the government’s enormous blunder. Ratepayers deserve answers.

If you’re not familiar with the situation, note that the government completely restructured the electricity market, and brought in a major tax increase on electricity companies, without bothering to check its contractual obligations and rights of the power companies first.

As a result of the government changing the entire system, power companies have exercised their legal rights under the contracts. Due to the Notley government not doing its homework first, the situation could cost Alberta ratepayers $2 billion. Just imagine what your share will be.