We're Winning

I have some exciting news for you.

We’re winning.

Albertans across the province are standing up and telling both the PC Party and Wildrose that remaining divided is not an acceptable option.

We simply cannot allow the NDP to win another election - Alberta can’t survive another four years of economic ruin.

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Education Consultation - NDP Style

"Kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum should reflect the diversity of Alberta’s population."

"Kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum, in all subjects and in all grades, should enable learning opportunities that are equitable, inclusive and accessible for all Alberta students”

These kinds of platitude-filled statements make up almost the entirety of the NDP government’s online questionnaire about their proposed curriculum overhaul.

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Support for Unity at Record Highs

Three Albertans walk into a hockey rink - two of them support Alberta Can't Wait's message.

According to a poll conducted by the Citizen Society Research Lab at Lethbridge College, a full 66% of voters are on board with reuniting the PC and Wildrose parties.

Among PC supporters that number jumps up to 79% and among supporters of Wildrose it's 82%

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Jim Prentice

There are countless politicians who genuinely are public servants - who stand up for everyday citizens and work long hours to help their constituents.  These are the unsung heroes of our political system.  They see themselves as genuine partners in helping their constituents navigate the sometimes difficult and complex waters of government.

Today, we lost a true public servant. Someone who committed his life to public service and always stood up for everyday Albertans and Canadians at the government table.

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PC and Wildrose MLAs 90% Aligned

Yesterday, the Manning Centre released a comprehensive study of every vote that has occurred in the legislature since the May 2015 election.

What does the record show? PC and Wildrose MLAs vote together over 90% of the time.

On finance votes, that number jumps up to 96%!

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Make Your Voice Heard!

Last month, Albertans from across the province gathered in Red Deer and expressed their desire to see a principled, competent, united conservative party next election.

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In the News

We hope you had an enjoyable Victoria Day long weekend.

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Letter to the Editor

Last week Brian Jean and the Wildrose caucus expressed their desire to "unite" conservatives by asking them to join Wildrose

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A Principled, Fiscally Responsible, Competent Alternative

As the PCs and Wildrose continue to divide conservatives, they are losing sight of a far greater threat to Alberta's well-being:

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Update - Grande Prairie Event

Please join us this Friday, June 10 at 6:30 at John Neudorf's barn (Range Road 71 - just west of the airport)

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