There is a long way to go and much work to be done, but the momentum is building!  

The politicians are listening.  

With Brian Jean's announcement yesterday that he wants to negotiate with the PC party and pursue the leadership of a united party, we are one step closer to ensuring a defeat of this disastrous NDP government in 2019.

We want to extend our sincerest thanks to each of you for your calls, letters, articles, and online activism in order to get us to this point.  Thanks to you, we are closer than ever to having a single, competent, principled party ready to fight and win the 2019 election.  

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The PC Board's Intentions

Recent decisions made by the Leadership Election Committee and Board of PC Alberta Have left us questioning their commitment to running a fair leadership election.

We feel compelled to let you know our thoughts and invite your feedback.

The first decision we feel merits attention is that to allow only PC Youth campus clubs created before October 1st to send delegates to the leadership convention.  We feel this will disenfranchise young supporters. There are substantial difficulties students face in reaching their home riding's delegate selection meeting if they are away for school, and to not certify these clubs discourages youth involvement in politics. If the PC party wants renewal - as it is fond of saying - why are they discouraging young people from getting involved?

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Let's "Phase Out" the Oilsands

Today, while giving a speech to an audience in Ontario, Justin Trudeau stated "we can’t shut down the oil sands tomorrow. We need to phase them out."

What a comforting statement for investors - put capital into Alberta and for some undetermined length of time, you SHOULD be able to conduct business. 

What a comforting statement for oil and gas workers - times are already tough, but somewhere down the line we'll phase out your entire industry.  

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New Year, New Taxes

It's our fifth day paying for Rachel Notley's carbon tax.  We've noticed gas going up a few cents, and we're nervously waiting to what our power and gas bills look like at the end of the month. We've seen businesses adding carbon tax surcharges to their prices.  We may have even prayed for those who live in towns where so many people's livelihoods are earned in coal mines

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Merry Christmas

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out our television commercial by clicking below. 

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Our Speech at the Legislature

Two weeks ago, one of our founders, Prem Singh, delivered a speech to thousands of Albertans on the steps of the legislature building in Edmonton.  We wanted to share what we said to the attendees of that rally with you.  Our theme was, as it always is, creating a united, principled, competent alternative to our current NDP government.

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Alberta Ebbs, Saskatchewan Skyrockets

It used to be that whenever the Roughriders would play the Stampeders, an oft-repeated joke at McMahon stadium was "What do you say to a smart person from Saskatchewan?" followed up by a good-natured "Welcome to Calgary".

Saskatchewan seems to have had the last laugh, or at least the latest laugh - while Calgary's unemployment is now in the double-digits, we learned this week that the Fraser Institute says Saskatchewan is the 4th best North-American jurisdiction for Oil and Gas investment while Alberta now ranks 43rd.

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What are they thinking?

Calgary's mayor, Naheed Nenshi, has been a big supporter of this NDP government.  He spoke at their Calgary convention last year stating he'd "never had such an open, consistent and collaborative relationship with a provincial government" and cheered during Premier Notley's speech to delegates.

What's happened in the short time since that convention for Nenshi to say the Notley government's decisions are "absolutely nuts", "outrageous" and setting a "dangerous precedent" that could scare off investment from the province?  

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We're Winning

I have some exciting news for you.

We’re winning.

Albertans across the province are standing up and telling both the PC Party and Wildrose that remaining divided is not an acceptable option.

We simply cannot allow the NDP to win another election - Alberta can’t survive another four years of economic ruin.

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Education Consultation - NDP Style

"Kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum should reflect the diversity of Alberta’s population."

"Kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum, in all subjects and in all grades, should enable learning opportunities that are equitable, inclusive and accessible for all Alberta students”

These kinds of platitude-filled statements make up almost the entirety of the NDP government’s online questionnaire about their proposed curriculum overhaul.

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