Cochrane Now: Unification Was Message From 'Alberta Can't Wait'

On June 29, a gathering was held at the Cochrane Legion by grassroots movement Alberta Can't Wait.

Cochrane Councillor, Morgan Nagel MC'd the event which heard from a variety of speakers including Blake Richards, Conservative MP Banff- Airdire, and Jason Kenney, Conservative MP Calgary Midnapore.

Around 100 community members attended the meeting where the message was strong. If Albertans want change, we need to make changes that will ensure a different outcome when we head to the polls in 2019.

The meeting boasted a long list as to why a merger of Wildrose and PC ideologies not only make sense, but could result in a majority Conservative government.

After speaking to the Bow Valley High School graduating class, MP Blake Richards says that promising a prosperous future to younger generations will be difficult without change.

"When I went to give my speech I thought about their futures, I think we would all like to believe that we are offering them a great promising future right here in Alberta and I don't think we can say we are succeeding at that right now, in fact I am quite certain we're not. If we want to ensure that we can give those kids a bright future we have to find a way to make sure we have a united Conservative option as an alternative."

MP Richards adds that vote splitting between the two Conservative parties was the reason for last year's results; by uniting the parties we will once again see a Conservative majority in Alberta.

"Look at the cold hard math from the last Provincial election; a vote split, 27.8% Progressive Conservative vote, 24.2% vote for the Wildrose Party, 42% NDP government. The numbers speak for themselves and what we've got as a result are government's not doing what we would like to see happen."

MP Jason Kenney says voters need to understand policies and elections have real consequences.

"A lot of people voted for the NDP as a first and only time to send a message that they wanted to clean up Edmonton, they didn't want cronyism, they didn't like some of their recent decisions, or style of leadership. There were many tens and tens of thousands of Albertans who thought they were casting a 'risk free' protest vote. And that the polls would show that they would be getting a minority PC government, with a Wildrose opposition, they thought this would be a good balance, a strong NDP Caucus putting pressure who would hold them to account and a lot of people woke up the next morning going what the heck happened to our Alberta."