Canada's media - bought and paid for by the Trudeau Liberal government.

Yesterday, more than 2,000 Albertans showed up to protest Justin Trudeau's visit to Calgary and his ongoing failure to do anything to help Alberta's struggling energy sector.

It was the largest rally of its kind and showed just how fed-up Albertans are at the failure of the Prime Minister, his Liberal government, and the entire Canadian Federation to provide any help at all for Alberta oil and gas.

However, there was one group of people this week who walked away with $600 million in taxpayer's money: Canada's media companies.

For years, Canadian media have complained that they're unable to survive without government assistance. Newspapers aren't selling enough subscriptions or ad space to recoup costs, and fewer Canadians are watching broadcast news.

Instead of taking this as a sign to perhaps address the very real concerns Canadians have with their media networks, these news companies decided it was far easier to just lobby the government for taxpayer money - and they hit the jackpot.

How on earth do media organizations, including nearly every one of Canada's major newspapers, expect to be seen as credible when reporting the news when they are now basically on the payroll of the Trudeau Liberals?

Concerns regarding media bias against conservatives have just been formalized into law and given a healthy slush fund of taxpayer dollars just eight months out of the next federal election.

And the situation is even worse given that many of the journalists working at these newspapers and media organizations are represented by a union (Unifor) that declared war on the Conservative Party of Canada just last week.

So, let's recap:

  1. The union for journalists has publicly declared war against the Conservative Party of Canada, and
  2. The Trudeau Liberals just gave media companies and newspapers - and hence also journalists - $600 million of taxpayer's money a mere eight months out of the next federal election.

And yet some media continue to maintain that there is no bias against conservatives on the part of journalists in this country?

It would be a laughable assertion on the part of media if the situation itself weren't so chilling.

How on earth can media expect to be seen to have any credibility given the above two points? How can they criticize the Conservatives or laud the Liberals without appearing to be beholden to either their union or to the Trudeau Liberal government?

For those journalists who genuinely strive to produce fair and balanced coverage, they'll be tarred with the same accusations of bias since their media and union bosses have just stripped all credibility out of Canada's media.

Canada already had one state-owned media company - the CBC. Now it owns all of them.

Canada's media - bought and paid for by the Trudeau Liberal government.

Meanwhile, Albertans continue to wait for any sign of help from the Trudeau Liberals - maybe we should start media companies instead since that seems to be how to get help from the federal government.



Alberta Can't Wait