Back-Door Tax Grab

Workers' Compensation (WCB) is entirely funded by our province's employers. As you know, WCB provides insurance for those who are injured on the job, providing a safety net for both employers and workers.

The WCB takes in more money every year than it doles out, providing a cushion for unforeseen expenses. Each year, that surplus is returned to employers.

It appears that the NDP now wants to take any future WCB annual surplus and dump it straight into government general revenue, rather than send it back to hardworking employers.

Talk about a back-door tax hike!

It’s typical of this NDP government that is addicted to spending.

We know the NDP is beholden to their union-boss friends and that they want to make significant changes to labour law in the province. The more unionized workers the province has, the more mandatory dues they collect, and the more they can spend on political activism to get the NDP re-elected.

We need to keep a close watch on every decision the NDP makes over the next two years. The NDP knows its legislation is unpopular, and with a united conservative party looking ever more likely, the NDP know its days are numbered. Their goal will be to change the culture of our province, and make changes to labour and entitlements that future governments will have a tough time reversing.

We can’t let them wreck our province as we work to boot them out the door!

Let's keep them on their toes! Call your MLA's office today and let them know Albertans won't stand for this back-door WCB tax grab.


The Alberta Can't Wait Team