Ambassador Update

Dear Fellow Ambassador,
Apologies for the lack of communication but there has been much going on...

Dear Fellow Ambassador,

Apologies for the lack of communication but there has been much going on (thankfully, in a positive way) for our movement.  We hope you have been receiving and reading our weekly email blasts!

We wanted to update you on our activities over the past several weeks.  We are very excited about the growing momentum behind Alberta Can’t Wait.  

At the Conservative Party of Canada convention in Vancouver last month, both Rona Ambrose & Jason Kenney spoke eloquently about the need for principled conservatives to unite in our province in time to defeat the NDP.  Since then, Minister Kenney has committed to speaking at an Alberta Can’t Wait events and publicly expressed his strong commitment to our movement. 

At a more grassroots level we are also seeing encouraging signs. Both the Wildrose and PC board members in Banff-Cochrane are becoming the first chapter of Alberta Can’t Wait.  Their founding meeting will be June 29 and we are hopeful other CAs will pursue similar paths over the next few months 

We are hoping you will be a part of our future events, and we encourage your attendance at the Prime Minister Stephen Harper's BBQ on July 9th at Heritage Park during Stampede in Calgary.  Alberta Can’t Wait will be present and should you require information regarding tickets please do contact Prem K. Singh at or your local Conservative Electoral District Association.

We have advertising going up around the province in the form of hay-bale wraps which we will be putting along highways.  We are very thankful for the generous donor who has helped with the cost for the bale wrap for anyone who is interested. Contacts us if you would like one and we can have it sent out.

We will be travelling across the province in the coming months in an RV bringing our message of fiscal responsibility and a united alternative.  The schedule is currently being finalized but we will be sure to share that with all of you when we set our dates. If you have an event for your chapter please just ask and we will be happy to help out with banners, shirts, and possibly the motor home.

We are focused on simple positive messaging via social media to help educate the millennials and masses regarding the current government’s actions. The exacerbation of weak investor confidence with debt levels expected to be over $50 billion by 2019, the creation and hiking of multiple costs on businesses and families (carbon tax, corporate tax, minimum wage increase to name a few) are a few of the messages we have spoken on.  We even learned last week that they are looking to further their socialist ideology with a revamp of the education curriculum!

Given current polling numbers, both the Wildrose and PC parties are gambling with the future of Alberta if they go into the next election fighting one another in addition to the NDP - the real threat to our province's economic well-being.  We appreciate your involvement in this movement and hope you will continue to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to sign up as well.  It is going to take the grassroots to ensure the PC’s and Wildrose don’t gamble with the future of Alberta.

Respectfully yours, 

Prem K. Singh